Ivey Design Group is a full-service residential and commercial design firm. We approach each project with a proven set of processes and systems, from initial contact through project completion.


Once you contact us (here!), we will send out a questionnaire asking about your project, needs, budget, timeline, and all that fun stuff. After the review, if we feel it’s a fit, we will schedule a free initial phone call, to introduce ourselves and chat more about the project. If we're both ready to move forward, we'll schedule a pre-paid two hour onsite working session, to help kick start the project with suggestions, floor plan recommendations, etc. After those two hours are up, we'll have a thorough scope of work defined, and lots of ideas to get us started.


Floor plan layout

Furniture and decor selections, procurement, and installation

Architectural details and finish selections

3D model visualization

Collaboration with architects, builders, and trades